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GALLERY CV Fall '97 - Summer '05
  Show title: 53.9º (Trade Open'5) Trade Apartment (Fine Arts) closing show 2005
  Show title:     2005
  Exhibitors: Beagles & Ramsay    
    Event: Überkurator 01 (DAAD Student Show) 2004
    (10 young German artists incl. Christian Sievers)  
  Show title: Radio Radio   2004
  Exhibitors: ca. 80 Sound-artists curated by Mel Brimfield  
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  Show title: Anglo Ponce   12 July - 9 August 2003
  Exhibitors: Bonnie Camplin Igor Paasch  
    Ulli Knall Petcar  
    Mark McGowan Juneau Projects  
    Eelko Moorer Beagles & Ramsay  
    Jeroen Offerman Bedwyr Williams  
  Show title: PLINTH   6 July - 21 July 2002
  Exhibitors: Caroline Achaintre Eric Bainbridge  
    Beagles & Ramsay Jeremy Deadman  
    Lothar Götz James Hopkins  
    Dean Hughes Ulli Knall  
    John Russel Fergal Stapleton  
    Rebecca Warren Neil Zakiewicz  
  Show title: The Collagist   25 May - 29 June 2002
  Exhibitors: John Russel    
  Show title: WHAT'S WRONG with Dave Beech 5 Oct. - 5 Nov 2001
  Exhibitors: Shahin Afrassiabi Rhea Anastas Soren Andreasen
    Conrad Atkinson Bank Beagles & Ramsay
    Mark Beasley Patricia Bickers Mikkel Bolt
    Andrew Bowie Laura Bruce David Burrows
    Johanna Burton JJ Charlesworth Adam Chodzko
    Ron Clark Declan Clarke Andy Conio
    Cornford and Cross Sacha Craddock Stephan Dillemuth
    Byan Eccleshall Sean Edwards Gadar Eine Einarsson
    Roe Etheridge Anna Fasshauer Robert Garnett
    Jeremy Glogan Tim Griffin Matthew Higgs
    Mark Hosking Mark Hutchinson Runa Islam
    Jakob Jakobsen Gareth James Emma Kay
    John Kelsey Kristine Kemp Paul Khera
    Thorsten Knaub Jutta Koether Mads Ranch Kornum
    Esther Leslie Pete Lewis Johannes Maier
    Steward Martin Jackie Mcallister Paul McDevitt
    Shaheen Merali Jorgen Michaelsen Aleksandra Mir
    Dan Mitchell Stephan Pascher Cesare Pietriousti
    Lisa Prior Jo Pryde Niru Ratnam
    Anne Redmond Jewyo Rhii John Roberts
    Carissa Rodriguez Ruth Rogers John Russel
    Giorgio Sadotti Kenny Schachter Zuky Serper
    Ward Shelley Bennett Simpson Polly Staple
    Stephen Stephen Szupergallery Gavin Wade
    Cerith Wyn Evans Neil Zakiewicz Florian Zeyfang
  Show title: GUY BAR AMOTZ, 'I Am A Chatroom' 23 June - 28 Juny 2001
  Exhibitors: Guy Bar Amotz supported by:  
      Flatpack 001 Collective  
      Shahin Afrassiabi  
      Ohad Fishof  
      Cedar Lewisohn  
    Event: 'I Am A Chatroom' - Six Hour Sound Marathon 22 June 2001
    17 Artists make Sounds using Guy Bar Amotz' machinery  
  Show title: Lé Ecøle de Bürrows et Bøb Smith 22 Apr. - 27 May 2001
  Exhibitors: David Burrows Beagles & Ramsay  
    Enrico David DJ Simpson  
    Ulli Knall Bob and Roberta Smith  
    Wayne Lloyd Jessica Voorsanger  
    Janette Paris    
    Lé Ecøle de B. et B.S.: 'Guest Lecture Programme' 19 May 2001
    (Stephen Stephen, W. Lloyd, Laurence Harvey, S. Afrassiabi)  
    Lé Ecøle de B. et B.S.: 'Guest Lecture Programme' 13 May 2001
    (Guy Bar Amotz, Jasmin Vardimon)  
    Lé Ecøle de B. et B.S.: 'Guest Lecture Programme' 12 May 2001
    (Giovanni Porfido, L. Harvey, S. Afrassiabi)  
    Lé Ecøle de B. et B.S.: 'Guest Lecture Programme' 28 April 2001
    (S. Afrassiabi, W. Lloyd, L. Harvey)  
  Show title: CARTØØNNAGE   2 Mar. - 31 Mar. 2001
  Exhibitors: Jason Galbut Roberta Scalo  
    Thorsten Knaub Geerten Verheus  
    Vincent James    
  Show title: Cover Versions   14 Dec. 2000 - 20 Jan. 2001
  Exhibitors: Ben Judd Kerstin Glass  
    Brian Griffiths Lisa Prior  
    David Thorpe Luke Gottelier  
    David Burrows Pascal Rousson  
    D.J. Simpson Polly Staple  
    Emma Holmes Robert Garnett  
    Eva Rothschild Sam Basu  
    Giorgio Sadotti Shahin Afrassiabi  
    Guy Bar Amotz Thomas Helbig  
    Hideatsu Shiba Ulli Knall  
    Jeroen Offerman    
    Event: Cover Versions Closing-Gig (Concert-Party) 20 January 2001
    ('Pet Car', F.Audeoud&R.Turner, M.Raedecker, S. Olde Wolbers, Dusu Chow)  
    Event: Fabienne Adeoud shoots John Russell 14 December 2000
    CoverVersion-Performance: ‘In the Manner of William Burroughs’  
    Event: Knüppel aus dem Sack (performance) 10 Aug. - 13 Aug. 2000
    (10 young German artists)  
    Event: The Arcade Project 8 August 2000
    (closing event of street-based project with lecture by Gustav Metzger  
  Show title: The Ascent of Man   13 July - 5 Aug. 2000
  Exhibitors: David Burrows Jeroen Offerman  
    Lisa Prior Bob and Roberta Smith  
    Event: Window Basquiat 27 June 2000
  Show title: Chicken   11 May - 10 June 2000
  Exhibitors: Ulli Knall    
    Event: The Society of Seperatology 4 May 2000
    (Launched by Stephen Stephen)  
    Event: 10=A Show   23 Apr. - 30 Apr. 2000
    (10 young dutch artists)    
  Show title: Ben Judd at the Trade Apartment 11 Nov. - 11 Dec. 1999
  Exhibitors: Ben Judd    
  Show title: Hundreds of Thousands 12 Apr. - 15 May 1999
  Exhibitors: Shahin Afrassiabi    
    Andreas Schlaegel    
  Show title: The proactive seizure of eternity 28 Feb. - 3 Apr. 1999
  Exhibitors: Thomas Helbig    
    Alastair Mackinven    
  Show title: Fansy   17 Jan. - 21 Feb 1999
  Exhibitors: Enrico David    
  Show title: The Winter Sale   2 Dec. 1998 - 3 Jan 1999
  Exhibitors: Shahin Afrassiabi Reza Arameshi  
    Juan Carlos Bolivar Enrico David  
    Thomas Helbig Per Hüttner  
    Yeondo Jung Jillian King  
    Ulli Knall Julian Lwyn  
    Tim Millar Gregorio Pagliaro  
    Pascal Rousson Elisa Sighicelli  
    Ana Tomaczewska    
    Event: Victorya 6 December 1998
    Launch of handprinted magazine by Grant Watson  
    - also launched on the night: CLEVE' , The Trade Apartment Magazine Issue 0 (one well thumbed pilot copy, never left the house)  
    Event: 2000 & DUMB 2 December 1998
    Dexter Dalwood, Patricia Ellis & Toni Grisoni talk  
  Show title: The Fall Show   18 Oct - 22 Nov 1998
  Exhibitors: Luke Gottelier    
    Pascal Rousson    
  Show title: Summer Sale   19 Jul. - 11 Oct. 1998
  Exhibitors: Shahin Afrassiabi Guy Bar Amotz
    Dexter Dalwood Stuart Cumberland  
    Keith Farquhar Enrico David  
    Thomas Helbig Luke Gottelier  
    Ben Judd Emma Holmes  
    Michael Klega Emma Kay  
    Magali Moreau Peter Lynch  
    Pascal Rousson Paul Morrison  
    Kathy Termin Andreas Schlaegel  
    Event: The Male Nurse (in concert) 8 October 1998

Keith Farquhar, Alastair Mackinven, Ben Wallers, Laurence Worthington + Andrew Hobson play live
on the launch of their Trade Apartment ltd. ed. CD

    Event: Terry Wilson reads Edwin Jones 4 September 1998
    Event: Two Toe Tang 'wet fish' 9 August 1998
    (Launch of a project based in Brixton Tube Station)  
  Show title: humdrum (green)   22 Mar. - 26 Apr. 1998
  Exhibitors: Guy Bar Amotz (sounds by Michael Raedecker)  
    Dexter Dalwood    
    Enrico David  
  Show title: humdrum (blue)   30 Nov. 1997 - 8 Jan. 1998
  Exhibitors: Thomas Helbig    
    Ben Judd    
    Emma Kay    
  Show title: humdrum (red)   21 Sep. - 26 Oct 1997
  Exhibitors: Shahin Afrassiabi Steven Gontarski
    Peter Lynch Paul Morrison
    Andreas Schlaegel Kathy Temin